WHS Coach Requirements (U9 and older)

Note:  For Timbits (U7) Coach Volunteers, you must complete section A below only, and attend the Timbits Parents Meeting.

A) Immediate Requirements To Become a Coach

B) Coach Pre-Season Meetings

  • Attend WHS Coach Orientation Session

    Session will  occur in April, date TBD
    Mandatory for ALL Coaches to review details of requirements for the coming season, new rules, tips & tricks, meet your fellow coaches. 

  • Attend WHS Coaching the Fundamental Skills

    Session will  occur in April, date TBD
    This is a fun, informative night with a goal to introduce and demo the right fundamental skills for coaching.  Great for coaches at all levels.   Mandatory for new coaches/assistants, but beneficial for all!  Come meet your fellow coaches!

  • Mandatory for all new coaches without Softball NCCP Certification
    Dates & Locations: TBD for 2022, pending restrictions
    Pre-registration required (fastpitch@calgaryminorsoftball.com)
    More info on CMSA Site here

  • (Only one coach per team required;  Head Coach preferred)
    Dates:  April 11-13, 2022  (expected online)
    Full schedule posted on CMSA site here

C) Optional Formal NCCP Training

D) Learn From our Coach Resources

We are currently building out all our Coach Resources in our new site for the 2022 season.  Once posted, you can access them on our Coach Resources page.