WHS Volunteer Bond Policy 2024

Questions about Volunteering?  Contact Jocelyn at:  volunteers@westhillsoftball.ca


West Hill Softball is run exclusively by volunteers. As our association continues to grow, a continued
commitment from our members is necessary for our association to be able to operate effectively. The
volunteer bond requirement will be for all members to contribute a minimum amount of time to both
the Association and their Team. The purpose is to encourage more of our membership to become
involved, thereby ensuring a more equitable distribution of volunteer time across the association. This
will help in providing a more consistent level of programming across the association.


The volunteer bond serves as a commitment by each player (and family) to provide service or money
towards the operation and continued success of the West Hill Softball Association. This applies to all
families in U9 and above.

  • Each family must fulfill a combination of Team credits (8 required per season) and Association credits (2 required per season).
  • Hours or credits cannot be carried over to the following season.
  • Option to pay $300 at registration to opt out of volunteer commitment, refundable if 8 team and 2 association credits are fulfilled during the season.
  • A Volunteer Coordinator for each team will track team volunteer credits; Association credits tracked by WHS.
  • Families must seek out approved opportunities to fulfill credits; opportunities will be emailed to WHS membership.
  • Families not fulfilling volunteer commitment by July 15th will be charged $300.
  • Non-compliance results in a $300 charge to Team Snap account, required before next year's registration.
  • WHS board open to new ideas for volunteer bond activities.
  • Players can fulfill volunteer requirements by participating in clinics, becoming junior coaches, or umpiring.

The success of our organization and our teams relies on the support and engagement of parents and
players and thank you for your participation. Please find below the following opportunities to fulfill the
volunteer credits.

Please see here for list of roles, opportunities, and credits.