WHS Timbits Program (U7)

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NEW IN 2022:  A new U9 division has been introduced by Softball Canada for the first time in 2022.  This means that Timbits program has changed from U8 to U7 this season, allowing more focus on the younger players in the program. 

Those born in 2014 will now move up into the full U9 Modified Program. 

Eligible Players

Both girls and boys born in 2015 & 2016 (age 5 or 6 as of start of 2022) are eligible to play in the Timbits Program


To introduce the sport of Softball to players, learn the basics of the game (Throwing, catching, fielding, running, and batting) in a FUN environment

Volunteer-Based Program

Teams will be run directly on game night by parent volunteers.  WHS will provide coaching orientation, coaching manuals and online resources, plus offer help from experienced coaches to guide you successfully through the season


Activities foster the involvement of ALL players who will experience excitement, enjoyment, and success.  Activities and lead-up games are patterned after informal playground games that promise FUN and LOTS OF ACTION

Game Night Content

Typical game nights involve 30-45 minute softball skill-based activities with your own team, and a 30 minute fun game-like scrimmage with another team

Happy Players!

Participants will go home after each night, happy and tired while improving their fitness level and learning about Teamwork, Fair Play, and Sportsmanship.


Field Locations

All Game nights will be at local SW fields within WHS District (no travelling across the city!)

Game Nights: Mon & Wed

Program runs on Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:15pm to 7:30pm during the season. 

Length of Season

Timbits is an outdoor Spring sport, with season dates running from April 23 to June 22

Equipment Requirements

All you need is a good pair of running shoes (cleats optional), glove, water, and sunscreen!   WHS will provide shared helmets (you can buy your own), bats, balls, and all other equipment required. 

Lost Cost Sport!

For your $125 fee, your daughter will get up to 18 game nights, plus a Timbits tshirt, WHS Hat, and a ball to keep! 


Contact Us

Questions?  Want to help volunteer?  Reach out to our new Coordinator in 2022, Chad!  Email him at:  timbits@westhillsoftball.ca


Our Program is based on the Softball Canada Timbits Program. 

For more information about the program, please visit the Softball Canada website


Frequently Asked Questions

Can boys play softball too?

Yes!  We offer a mixed group of players at this age so that siblings can participate together if possible.  Once players reach the U9 age category, they are split into different girls/boys programs.

Is it tee ball?

No!  But we do use a batting tee to teach batting. Players at ALL levels use the batting tee while practicing!  Timbits will start with the tee early in season during games to develop skill, but the batting goal of the program is to develop each child to be able hit a pitched ball by the end of the season.

Can my son/daughter born in 2017 play with their older sibling?

Preference is no, but if your kid has turned 5 prior to April 1st, an exception may be granted.  Please reach out to timbits@westhillsoftball.ca to request a review.

Are you ready to play?!?

Not quite sure yet?

Why not email Chad with any questions at timbits@westhillsoftball.ca, we would love to chat with you!