About us


A community focused, non-profit, volunteer-driven organization created in 2008, built on the passion for sport.  We are dedicated to providing organized Fastpitch Softball for Calgary youths, aged 5-19 in South West Calgary.

We operate under the umbrella of Calgary Minor Softball, Softball Alberta, and Softball Canada.

And yes, it is WEST HILL  ... not Westhills. 



WHS aspires to be an outstanding softball organization that provides a high quality experience to every athlete by adhering to the following:


  • Introduce athletes to the sport and how to play the game
  • Inclusive for all skill levels, in all age groups
  • Grow softball skills through consistent instruction
  • Improve fitness level through active practices and games
  • Introduce athletes to the excitement of competition
  • Build new friendships through team dynamics
  • Build confidence in athletes through positive reinforcement
  • Build a sense of community through friendship and connections
  • Build strong, future female role models in sport
  • Ensure all players are HAVING FUN


With the overall goal:



Strength in Community
Our teams, players, coaches, volunteers, parents, fans, and officials constitute our West Hill Community.  We serve as role models, mentors, and leaders seeking not only to teach others, but also to learn from them.  We develop new connections and friendships with our teammates and their families.  We take pride in creating and fostering these life enhancing relationships, which lead to a strong and vibrant community.

Respect the Game
We respect the game of softball.  In doing so, we must all show respect for teammates, opponents, umpires, coaches, volunteers, other parents, and our environment.   We value each individual's unique talents and their diversity, and in doing so, respect each other and ourselves.

Individual Responsibility, Integrity, & Accountability
All members of the WHS community bear individual responsibility and play an important role in reaching a common goal.  We understand that we are accountable for our actions both on and off the field, and are committed to the highest sense of integrity encompassing every aspect of our behaviour.  We strive for high moral character, honour, respect and honesty in all our actions, realizing that the strength of a community is based on the integrity of its members.  Each of us adheres to our various CODES OF CONDUCT for players, coaches, and parents.

Work Ethic
Work ethic is the relentless effort to better yourself and your team both physically and mentally day in and day out, in season and out of season. Be humble. Be hungry. Engage in the process and your work ethic will take care of the outcome.

Positive, Fun Environment, Promoting Joy
Joy is the reason we all play the game.  We have a positive attitude in all practices, games, tournaments, and other league events on and off the field.  In doing so, we bring joy to all members of our association.

Pride In West Hill
We are proud to represent our team, our association, and our community.  We take pride in wearing our "West Hill" logo, and our core values it represents

Competitive Spirit & Sportsmanship
We use the competitive spirit to excel at the highest level, while acting and competing in a way that reflects our core values.  We are resolved to compete in an atmosphere of respect, fairness, and graciousness among all of our constituencies.

What People are saying about West Hill Softball

Every year I am more and more grateful for having joined WHS. We’ve had great coaches, team mates and parent groups. My daughter has learned so much and has such a good time every season she can’t wait to go back in the Spring. To me that says a lot. Great work to all those on the WHSA Board for making it happen every year! Thank you!  - Jennifer

Everyone on the Association Management team is extremely approachable and take time to get to know the parent coach volunteers.

Overwhelmed at the volunteer participation. Both girls have had incredible
coaches throughout. Hats off to all the hard work, and thanks coaches for
being such incredible role models.

This is a great league and we’ve recommended West Hill to several friends who have all joined the league.  WHS Board does such an amazing job and make it so much easier for all of us to just get out and enjoy the game.

WHS does a great job. I'm impressed by the organization. I'm impressed by what the kids get for the fees paid per year.

It was our first year and my daughter is hooked!

We were so impressed with the entire organization, from helping us register
late for first time ever, to all the wonderful coaches and parents.