At West Hill Softball, we pride oursevles at being a 100% volunteer-driven organization. As such, we expect the same from all our player families who come out and help make the game better for our kids. Please read below for the volunteer opportunities with the teams and the organization. THANK YOU!



One per team required; if no-head coach is available, multiple co-coaches can be assigned

  • Learns & teaches the game of softball to players
  • No previous experience is required, but a dedication to helping the players grow is necessary
  • Sets line-ups and assures all kids get fair and equal play in the games where appropriate
  • Runs and coordinates all games and practices
  • Gives direction to assistant coaches
  • Assists with the management of the team as needed

Please see Coaching Requirements for more details on how to qualify as a coach



1 to 3 assistant coaches are required for every team

  • Helps teach the game of softball to the kids
  • Helps run all games and practices, as directed by head coach
  • Fills in for Head Coach when necessary
  • Assists with the management of the team

Please see Coaching Requirements for more details on how to qualify as an Assistant coach



One team manager required per team - critical role!

  • Manages team on TeamSnap (provided by league)
  • Manages team practice/game schedule and availability (in TeamSnap)
  • Responsible to assign parent (volunteer) roles within team
  • Interacts closely with coaches to ensure smooth running of team
  • Helps with communications to the team
  • Interacts with WHS & Calgary Minor Softball league officials as needed
  • Interacts with opponent teams to help with any rescheduling of games
  • Books additional field availability with league field prime
  • Ensures (with coaches) that the score of games are submitted to Calgary Minor

No previous experience required! 



Highly recommended to split this role between all parents, taking turns to help out

Unfortunately, there are not enough paid umpires available to cover all games across Calgary Minor Softball.  As a result, each team is required to supply their own umpire for many divisions.

  • Learns the rules of the game  (no experience required)
  • Umpire home games as required
  • Must wear proper footwear during game
  • Preseason clinics will be made available to new parent volunteers

This has traditionally been the toughest positions to fill and ask you do your best as a parent group to find a solution that works for everyone.  Older siblings are able to help out.



1 main manager is recommended, but role can be split on a game by game basis

  • Required for home games and all practices
  • Arrives early before game/practice to setup field
  • Setup includes:  Raking field, setting up bases, (chalking lines if possible!)
  • Returns all field equipment back into bin
  • Ensure lockbox is locked after game/practice




Multiple scorekeepers (game to game)

  • Write out lineups (from coach) for the game
  • Exchanges lineups with opposing scorekeeper/coach
  • Must watch game closely to follow what is happening
  • Recommended to sit near backstop
  • Respond to any umpire questions on runs scored or # of outs



One per team required

  • Manages all finances for the team
  • Collect Cash calls for any additional team expenses (e.g. team socks, tournaments, social events)




One required; often is one of the coaches

  • Manages all of the team’s equipment before and after practices
  • Ensures equipment arrives at the games and practices and is picked up after the games and practices  (may delegate task as required)
  • Must be able to arrive early to games/practices to ensure equipment is available to team
  • Returns equipment, jerseys, and pinnies at the end of season



Optional roles for team where required

  • Sets up social events like team dinners, events, etc.
  • Organize thank you cards for coaches

Be creative and find roles for all parents as needed