Game Balls & First Aid

  • Home Team provides a new game ball (a dozen are provided at equipment pick up). After the game is over, home team grabs the ball and adds it to their practice ball bag.  DON’T LET UMPIRE/OTHER TEAM WALK AWAY WITH IT.
  • First Aid: All teams are provided with a First Aid Kit and some dry ice packs.  Coaches/Managers need to have these items on site at every game/practice and should know exactly there they are located (likely in either the equipment bag, whiffle ball bucket or practice ball bag).

Field Boxes

  • All items need to be returned to the field boxes and locked up after games/practices. The most common items that go missing are measuring tapes, hammers, base spikes and umpire gear.   There is some duplication with umpire gear in both the team bags and ump bag. PLEASE DO NOT MIX THEM UP!
  • DO NOT LEAVE ANY GARBAGE IN THE FIELD BOXES. All city fields should have a garbage bin on site (some require a bit of a walk from the diamond). Out of respect for fellow coaches/managers, please remove all garbage from the boxes (most notably the empty line chalk bags)
  • Every box has a diamond dimension sheet (by age category) taped to the inside. This can be used when measuring and setting up the field.

Line Chalk

  • MARKING THE FIELDS WITH CHALK IS OPTIONAL! Typically done by (but not limited to) the older age levels.
  • All bags of line chalk are located at 2 fields (Yellow Box at Patterson and the Green Box at Glenbrook 3). The field lock box keys will also open these boxes. It is the home team’s responsibility (before every game) to pick up a bag from these boxes and deliver it to the home field before marking the lines. You can leave the remaining chalk (still in the bag) in the local field box as long as it is placed in there carefully.
  • If either chalk box is running low on bags (3 or less), please email and we will re-stock.
  • About half of the boxes have a line marker in them. Please lay them gently in the boxes after use (with the chalk release valve facing up to protect the rod). Every box with a line marker also has a chalk bucket, chalk string and a scoop. Any chalk that remains in the line marker after use needs to be removed before placing in the box. Use the scoop and put the chalk into the bucket. SPILLED CHALK IN THE BOXES CREATES A HUGE MESS!
  • There are currently 9 WHS Line Markers located in the field boxes at the following diamonds: Glamorgan 13, Glamorgan 14, Glenbrook 1, Glenbrook 3, Patterson, Signal Hill 1, Signal Hill 15, Strathcona 9 & West Springs
  • If you want to mark the field and your box doesn’t have a line marker in it, please email DON’T TAKE FROM ANOTHER BOX!

Porta Potties

  • There will be a yellow lock on all of the porta potties (the same key that opens the field boxes also opens the potties). If there is a “non-yellow” lock on the potty, that means it isn’t ours (other associations share our fields).
  • The home team is responsible for unlocking and locking the potty.
  • The person that unlocks the potty is responsible for ensuring that it is locked back up at the end of the evening. For practices (with shared fields throughout the day), the last team remaining needs to lock it.
  • The Porta Potty company is supposed to clean/re-stock on a weekly basis (if this isn’t happening, please email us at the below address)
  • There are currently 11 WHS Porta Potties located at the following diamonds: Christie Park. Coach Hill, Costello, Currie, Glamorgan 14, Glenbrook 1, Patterson, Signal Hill 1, Signal Hill 15, Strathcona 8 & Strathcona 9. Our current porta potty provider is RHINO. Any porta potty located at a WHS diamond not listed above is not ours, and therefore no action is required by Coaches/Managers/Parents
  • Unfortunately, vandalism occurs with these porta potties (including the locks). IF YOU NOTICE ANY VANDALISM OR MISSING LOCKS, please email

Other Issues