2023 WHS Volunteer Credit FAQ

Q:Why do I need to volunteer at the Association level?

A: The Association is strictly volunteer run, as are all Softball Associations in Calgary. There are many tasks throughout the season that are supported by volunteer efforts. By asking each family to fulfill Volunteer Credits, we are able to spread out the load. The Association would not be able to continue to function otherwise. 


Q: Why is there an option to pay instead of fulfill Volunteer Credits?

A: The Association recognizes that some families prefer not to or cannot commit time to achieving the credits. To accommodate these families, an option to pay $150 per player is given instead.


Q: How many Volunteer Credits are required for a season?

A: The minimum will be 4 credits total per athlete per season. We ask that at least 1 credit be at the Association level. 


Q: How can I earn Volunteer Credits?

A: See the Roles and Credits Table at the bottom of this page.


Q: How many hours of volunteer work does it take to fulfill the credits?

A: Depending on the roles chosen, approximately 1 credit is given per hour of work. See the Roles and Credits table at the bottom of this page.


Q: Can athletes earn credits?

A: Yes, for players U15 and older, they can earn credits by volunteering at Try Softball events, evaluation clinics, Junior Coaching, or field setup and takedown.   


Q: Who tracks the Volunteer Credits?

A: The Association Credits are tracked by the WHS Volunteer Coordinator Team. When you sign up for volunteer roles (evaluation assistants, event assistants, etc), these credits are tracked at the association level. The Team Credits will be tracked by the Team Manager. Please keep track of your own credits as well.


Q: Are there enough opportunities throughout the season to get in the hours needed?

A: Yes, from evaluation sessions to tournament roles to board positions, there are many opportunities to volunteer. If you are concerned about achieving the credits, you might consider signing up for a board supporting role as many of these roles are flexible on timing.


Q: What if I get some but not all of my hours before the end of the season? Can I get a partial refund?

A: Unfortunately not, the agreement is to complete all of the credits or pay the opt-out fee. 


Q: What if I volunteer more than the required amount? Do I get a refund on fees or any other incentive?

A: We anticipate that most families will be contributing more than the minimum hours, and have already done so in past seasons. The system is created to encourage everyone to look for ways to help out and contribute to a successful season.


Q: Can I carry forward my volunteer credits to next season?

A: No, in order for the association to run from season to season, we can not roll forward Volunteer Credits.  We have many families that are filling multiple volunteer roles and go above and beyond the minimum volunteer requirements each season.  


Q: How do I know how many volunteer hours I have filled?

A: Please do your best to keep track of your volunteer hours throughout the season, we do our best to track all of the volunteering but that is thousands of volunteer hours being filled by approximately 300 families.  We do not have an easy way for families to see if their hours have been fulfilled.


Q: How do I know what volunteer opportunities there are?

A: There are several places you can go to find out what volunteer opportunities are currently available:


Roles Type # of Credits Earned
WHS Board RoleAssociationAll family credits fulfilled
WHS Coordinators (full list on the website)AssociationRequirement fulfilled for all athletes
WHS Coordinator Assistants (e.g. Equipment, jersey)Association1 per hour
WHS Clinic/Evaluation AssistantsAssociation1 per event
WHS Event Assistants (e.g. Tourney, photo night, league party)Association1 per hour
Junior Coach (Mentor)Association1 per event
Roles Type # of Credits Earned
Head CoachTeam8 per season
Assistant/Co-CoachTeam6 per season
Team ManagerTeam6 per season
Equipment ManagerTeam4 per season
TreasurerTeam2 per season
Social / Tournament Coordinator (event arrangements)Team1 per hour
UmpireTeam1.5 per game
Field Prep & Takedown (must include both)Team1 per game
Scorekeeper (paper or GameChanger)Team0.5 per game