Hi u13, u15, and High School Players!

This is your last opportunity to sign-up as a Junior Coach for the upcoming season. Please see details below. Deadline is FRIDAY!


Are you interested in being a Junior Coach during the season?
Please fill out our 2024 Junior Coach Volunteer Form by Friday, April 12.
You will be partnered up with a younger age group team (and yes, you may request a specific team if you have one in mind – e.g. a younger sister or a neighbour!).  Also, you can sign-up with a friend to work together with the same team – players had a blast doing this in 2023!
You attend when you can, whether it is just for a couple practices or games, or more!
You can be a Mentor and friend for the players!  Help run some drills! Perhaps even Coach First or Third Base!
Think lots of high fives, team cheers, and a team of girls thinking you are awesome!

A quick reminder that: Junior Coach Volunteers do count towards your family’s League Volunteer Credits. 

Please note due to game night conflicts:

  • u17/u19 players are eligible to Jr Coach for u7, u11, or u15 (Tue/Thu & practices)
  • u15 players are eligible to Jr Coach for u9, u13  (Mon/Wed & practices)
  • u13 players are eligible to Jr Coach for u7  (Mon/Wed)


In addition, our Learn-to-Play (“Timbits”) Opening Day is Saturday April 20 from 2:30-4:30.  Please indicate on your form if you are able to participate on the 20th.
Note:  If you have already signed up, we hope to communicate your assigned team this weekend or by early next week.


We are still seeking a Coordinator for the 2024 season! The role does NOT require extensive hours of commitment: coordinate & communicate matches between junior coaches and teams before and during the season as required. Please reach out to us to learn more.