2023 Volunteer & Jersey Bond Policies

2023 Volunteer Bond Policy


West Hill Softball is run exclusively by volunteers.  As our association continues to grow, a continued commitment from our members is necessary for our association to be able to operate effectively.  The volunteer bond requirement will be for all members to contribute a minimum amount of time to both the Association and their Team. The purpose is to encourage more of our membership to become involved, thereby ensuring a more equitable distribution of volunteer time across the association.  This will help in providing a more consistent level of programming across the association.



The volunteer bond serves as a commitment by each player (and family) to provide service or money towards the operation and continued success of the West Hill Softball organization.

  • A Volunteer Bond Agreement (via TeamSnap at time of registration) and a post-dated cheque made out to West Hill Softball for July 15 of the current season year in the amount of $150 per player will be required at the player’s first practice.
  • For the 2023 season, Bond policy applies to players in u9 and above. Timbits will be excluded.
  • This is a mandatory program that will be enforced. Players without a signed bond agreement and cheque will be unable to play.
  • The volunteer requirement will be a minimum of four (4) Volunteer Units per athlete registered in the association. The requirement must have a minimum of one (1) unit contributed at the association level (vs. team level)Volunteer unit examples and opportunities included below.
  • If sufficient volunteer opportunities are not available at the league level, the association will allow an additional hour contributed at the team level in lieu.
  • Hours or credits cannot be carried over to the following season as we need continued help from year to year.
  • Each team manager will be responsible to track each family’s completed team volunteer time, and report the totals back to the WHS Volunteer Coordinator.
  • It is the sole responsibility of each family to seek out approved opportunities to ensure they fulfill their 4-unit bond commitment. Throughout the season volunteer opportunities may be emailed to the WHS membership. Families can check the WHS website for new opportunities. Volunteers will be taken on a first come, first served basis
  • Your cheque will be destroyed at the end of the season if you have fulfilled your volunteer commitment
  • If the family does not fulfill their volunteer commitment by July 15 of the current season year, their cheque will be cashed.
  • If for any reason a family does not comply, they will not be able to register for the following season until their volunteer bond commitment is met through service or payment.
  • Although approved positions are to help run the association, all members are encouraged to maximize their volunteer time to help their player’s team run smoothly all season in any way they can.
  • The WHS board welcomes new ideas in terms of approved volunteer bond activities. Anyone is welcome to approach the board with suggestions for new activities that will enhance the association.
  • Families may choose to opt out of the volunteer service option by submitting the Volunteer Bond $150 cheque per player, dated for the current date (not post-dated). This cheque will be cashed by the Association at the beginning of the season. This will exempt the family from performing volunteer activities within the association for that athlete. If a family chooses to volunteer after they have opted out of the Volunteer Bond, they will not be refunded.


Volunteer Units (VU) Defined

A volunteer unit is loosely defined as equivalent to one hour of work or one “event”, but may vary.  For example, 1 Volunteer Unit (VU) could include:

  • Field Preparation AND Take-down/clean-up, combined.
  • Scorekeeping (or Game Changer) for 2 games
  • Evaluation Help (Running pitch machine, leading evaluation drills, Sign-in duties) for one session
  • Photo night Organizer – one hour of work


WHS Volunteer Coordinator Role (New In 2023)

A Volunteer Coordinator position will be a key volunteer role created at the WHS Board level to oversee volunteer contributions across the association toward the bond requirement, including:

  • Liaise with team managers in tracking time at the team level
  • Track the volunteer requirements for all association members
  • Track completed volunteer units at all association-levels events
  • Assist members in finding opportunities to fulfill requirements
  • Update the bond requirement framework as required
  • Liaise with President & Vice President to determine what constitutes a Volunteer Unit (VU).

Approved Volunteer Roles

This list includes but is not limited to volunteer roles that qualify for Volunteer Bond hours.  Roles may evolve through the season.

The following roles automatically fulfill the entire volunteer requirements for all children registered, without requirement to track time:

  • WHS Board Members
  • WHS Key Coordinator Roles (as listed on the website)
  • Head Coaches
  • Assistant Coaches
  • Team Managers


Association level volunteer time can be fulfilled by, but not limited to:

  • Evaluation Help: On field drill help, running pitching machine, sign-in.
  • Equipment: Support coordinator with sorting, distribution, collection/return.
  • Jerseys: Support coordinator with jersey sorting, distribution to teams, collection, and return.
  • On field support of Player Development Clinics (ie. Rustbusters, Pitching/Catching, Selects)
  • Assistance with association wide events such as:
    • Photo Night: Help with setup, takedown, sign-in, etc.
    • Tournament: Planning, field prep, raffle sales, info tent, etc.
    • New WHS End of Season Party: Planning, setup, etc.  Additional Roles TBD.

There is no limit on association time contribution toward the bond requirement; the full 4 Volunteer Unit requirement (per athlete) can all be acquired from association time.

Note: Families with multiple athletes can acquire all of their association time from one age category.

Team level volunteer time can be fulfilled by:

  • Team specific volunteer roles measured per game include:
    • Umpire (1.0 units per game)
    • Scorekeeper (0.5 units per game)
    • Field Prep and Takedown (1.0 units per game)
    • Social/Tournament Coordinator (making arrangements for team events – 1.0 unit / hr)
  • Team specific volunteer roles measured PER SEASON include:
    (i.e. if they complete the role for the entire season, they receive the appropriate credits)

    • Head Coach (8.0 units PER SEASON)
    • Co/Assistant Coaches (6.0 units PER SEASON)
    • Team Manager (6.0 units PER SEASON)
    • Equipment Manager (4.0 units PER SEASON)
    • Treasurer (2.0 units PER SEASON)
  • Participation in fundraisers that benefit teams, such as bottle drives, will not be
    counted toward volunteer credit.
RolesExamplesVolunteer Units (VU)
WHS Board of Directors-Requirement fulfilled for all athletes
WHS Coordinators (full list on the website)-Requirement fulfilled for all athletes
WHS Clinic VolunteersOn field help; excludes off-season clinics1.0 VUs / session
EvaluatorsMust be approved by WHS board1.0 VUs / session
Evaluations – On Field Help-1.0 VUs / session
Evaluations – Check-in-1.0 VUs / session
Tournament, Photo Night, or WHS Party Volunteers-1.0 VUs / hour
Equipment & Jersey Distribution Helpers-1.0 VUs / hour
RolesExamplesVolunteer Units (VU)
Team Head Coach-8.0 VUs/season (i.e. 2 athletes covered)
Team Co-Coach or Assistant Coach-6.0 VUs/season
Team Manager-6.0 VUs/season
Team Equipment ManagerBrings equipment early to and from games4.0 VUs/season
Team TreasurerTracks all team finances for the season2.0 VUs/season
Social / Tournament CoordinatorMaking arrangements for team events / tournaments1.0 VUs / Effort Hour
Umpire-1.5 VUs / game
Field Prep & TakedownMust include both Prep & Takedown1.0 VUs / game
ScorekeeperPaper or GameChanger0.5 VUs / game

2023 Jersey Bond Policy

Each player in u9 and above will receive a West Hill Softball Jersey for the season.  These jerseys MUST be returned in GOOD condition and unaltered, at the end of the season.

A replacement fee of $50 will be incurred by anyone who does not return their jersey by August 31, 2023.

Jersey Bonds ($50), in the form of a post-dated (July 15) cheque, will be collected at the Team Level at the first practice of the season and held by the Team Manager.